San Diego American Indian Youth CenterThe mission of the Youth Center at The San Diego American Indian Health Center is to guide Native American youth and other community youth towards their full potential as healthy, well-rounded young adults through the use of cultural, traditional, and non-Western modes of healing. We envision a community of well-adjusted youth who have reached their full potential as healthy young adults.

We welcome young people ages 10 to 24 of any background, and offer a wide-range of afterschool programs. The Youth Center provides a unique opportunity to enhance the life of youth through cultural exploration, wellness activities, and social interaction. We encourage youth to stay physically and mentally active while exploring their creativity and Native American heritage in a positive, inclusive, and safe environment where they can develop a healthy cultural self-identity.

Youth can access health care services on site such as medical, dental, HIV testing, and referral to counseling services. There are also structured activities each day, which include health and wellness groups and culture classes. Please see below for more detailed information about the daily programs and activities offered at the Youth Center.

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For more information about Youth Center programs or activities, please see the event calendar, or contact Kiana Maillet at (619) 531-1938 or

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2560 1st Avenue, Suite 103
San Diego, CA 92103
Open M-F from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Mondays: Healthy Eating & Active Living (HEAL)

HEAL emphasizes outdoor activity and nutritious eating to help youth live a healthy lifestyle. Participants also develop the leadership skills necessary to encourage peers to do the same.


Tuesdays: Culture Keepers

Culture Keepers preserves traditional Native American values and practices through storytelling and other activities rooted in cultural identity and community.


Wednesdays: Creative Arts

Creative Arts promotes self-expression and meaning-making through art, thereby enabling youth to reduce stress and improve communication skills in a fun environment.

Thursdays: I Strengthen My Nation

I Strengthen My Nation is an alcohol and drug prevention education program that emphasizes Native pride to help young people make empowering life choices and realize the satisfaction that comes with a substance-free lifestyle.


Fridays: Thrive

Thrive utilizes inspirational speakers, cultural educators, and field trips to support and inspire group members to maximize their strengths and achieve success and wellness.

Special Programs

  • We R Urban

    We R Urban is an art awareness project where youth create innovative and challenging pieces that explore what it means to be Native American and live in urban areas of San Diego.

  • Warriors of Wellness

    Warriors of Wellness makes a difference one meal at a time. This movement emphasizes strategic meal planning to combat obesity, diabetes, and related chronic illnesses.

  • Academic Enrichment

    Academic Enrichment develops learning skills through coaching and workshops with the goal of advocating for students and increasing the number of young people who pursue higher education.

  • Volunteer Day

    On the third Saturday of each month, youth give back to their community by volunteering to help the less fortunate at the San Diego Food Bank. The end result is an increase in self-reliance and self-esteem.

  • Conferences

    Youth center members attend Native American conferences on local college campuses and become personally familiar with the higher education system by volunteering, displaying We R Urban art, and conducting presentations to peers.

Meet Our Staff


Kiana Maillet, MPA, MSW
Children, Youth, and Family Services Program Manager
Read more about Kiana

Larry Edmonds
Program Coordinator
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Ruthie Inacay
Case Manager
Read more about Ruthie


Daniella Robles
Youth Counselor
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HHSAThis program is made possible by the support of the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency, Behavioral Health Services Division with funding provided by the State of California Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Prevention and Early Intervention Program.