We Can Help You Enroll in Covered California or Medi-Cal

Covered California’s open enrollment period has started and ends January 31, 2017. During this time, you can change your current Covered California plan or enroll in a new plan. Certified enrollment counselors at San Diego American Indian Health Center are available to answer questions and assist with your insurance application. Please note that you can enroll in Medi-Cal any time throughout the year.

Native Americans who are members of a federally recognized tribe are eligible for unique benefits through Covered California. These include no health care costs for medical services provided by the Indian Health Program and tribal and urban clinics; the ability to enroll in or change Covered California health plans once a month; and, for Native Americans who have a household income under 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, no co-pays or deductibles for any health plan purchased through Covered California.

For more information about Covered California or Medi-Cal enrollment, including the unique benefits offered to Native Americans, please call (619) 234-2158 x135, send a text to 619-251-5829, or email Dewan.Gibson@sdaihc.com. You can also view our website and find answers to frequently asked insurance questions.