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  • SDAIHC’s Medical Director Dr. Young Suh shares his expertise.

Among the Native American community, there are higher rates of diabetes, asthma, obesity and high blood pressure, said Young Suh, medical director at San Diego American Indian Health Center.
All of these conditions can increase the risk of someone having complications with coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

San Diego Union Tribune • April 27th, 2020, read the full story in the link:

  • Tonkawa – Intertribal Council of Elders

Indian Voices • March – April 2020, read below.

SDAIHC - Tonkawa
  • American Indian Health Center serves as safety net for the uninsured and the underinsured in San Diego

KUSI News • April 14th, 2020, read full story in the link:

  • Local clinic is offering telehealth services for the community

KUSI News • April 14th, 2020, see below:

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