SDAIHC Tele-Wellness Program Information please contact us at 619-234-2158 and coordinate with:

Ethan Landry –  – Behavior Health and Wellness at SDAIHC

Cari Gloria – – Community Wellness Coordinator

Behavioral Health:

We are Pleased to announce for your safety, the Behavioral health Unit is offering Tele-Therapy. This will be scheduled with our front desk clerks. 

Prior to your Tele-visit, please sign and return the consent form via fax or e-mail:

Fax: 619-487-9739 or email to

TeleConsent SDAIHC


Vidyo Connect

VidyoConnect Instruction Form Mobile

VidyoConnect Instruction Form Web

After you have signed and completed the Consent form, please return form by either faxing it the clinic or sending via E-mail:

Fax: 619-234-1979 or email to


SDAIHC - Telewellness

By downloading, printing, signing the form, and emailing it back to us, you will be able to receive services from us by phone or video conferencing during the Covid-19 pandemic.